Sunday, April 1, 2012

Let's Start at the Very Beginning . . .

Welcome to the kick-off post for the A to Z Blog Challenge in which I am participating throughout the month of April!  For the next thirty days, I will be featuring many of the characters I have created over the past several years, as well as some of the controversial social issues that are featured in my novels. To start things off we’ll take a look at Aieshia, Alley Cat, and Tanner Atkins.

Aieshia is a character I created for Pabby’s Score. She is a strong woman with an imposing presence, being tall and rather large, but who shows a softer side through her chosen profession. She found her calling in life as a special needs instructor at Footprints of Hope foster home. Her principal assignment is to watch over Pabby, who is an autistic teen and a main character in the story.  The relationship between Pabby and Aieshia is a cornerstone for the storyline that unfolds.

Alley Cat is the nickname for a jockey who had a small part in Finish Line. Originally from Mexico, the diminutive man's real name is Alvarez Catamaran. He is the number one jockey at Hoof and Bridle Park. He has quite a reputation for tipping the bottle and womanizing around town.  The stereotypes embodied by Alley Cat are meant to create some controversy and hopefully start discussions about the work I've created.

Finally, an unethical attorney (can you imagine??) by the name of Tanner Atkins was created for Pabby’s Score. His is the principal partner in the ABC law firm, which is known in the community for unscrupulous dealings. His connections with an unjust judge set into motion a number of questionable decisions.

As I've already mentioned, one of the topics that I feature in my newest release, Pabby’s Score, is autism.  The entire autism spectrum is receiving much more attention than it did a generation ago, and a recent report by the CDC now states that 1 in 88 children have some form of this diagnosis. Pabby and Shae are two teens who live at a foster home for kids with special needs but enjoy the opportunity for a more integration into society by spending a summer at the Prairie Winds Golf Course. Virtually everyone who comes into contact with the pair is affected by their infectious personalities.

You can expect that some of my posts in April will offer these quick snapshots of people and issues, to give you a glimpse into my writing.  Other times, I will present a more in-depth take on one specific character or topic.  I'm excited to have you along with me for this journey!

James Ross
Author of Lifetime Loser, Finish Line, Tuey's Course, Opur's Blade, and Pabby's Score
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Susan Oloier said...

Nice to meet you through the A to Z Challenge. I look forward to reading more about your writing.

Konstanz Silverbow said...

Sounds very interesting. I can't wait to read tomorrows post!

Konstanz Silverbow
A to Z Co-host

David Wagner said...

Greetings, neighbor! Well, on the blog list anyway. You're an author, eh? Guess I'll have to go grab a sample or two of your work for my Kindle... doesn't really sound like my usual genre stomping grounds, but hey, you have to support your neighbors, right?

Dave the Goof

Francene Stanley said...

You weave your characters through this challenge very well to form a whole piece of fabric.

Gerry Wendel said...

Bravo to your first A to Z challenge post! I joined it as well and found out about it through you. It's going to be tough for me to get through this writing about marketing, but it's an opportunity to jump out of the box. Looking forward to your next post.