Friday, April 13, 2012

Villians of the Political and Business Variety

 The letter “L” in this current A to Z blog tour gives me the opportunity to feature a lot of the supporting characters in my novels. Only one to date has a recurring role, but each was pivotal to the storyline in which he or she appeared.

Lewferd E. Zerrmann is featured in my first novel, Lifetime Loser. He is an unscrupulous businessman who is hated by almost everyone who crosses his path. His greed, unhappiness and loneliness breed misery. Those who get in his way are crushed. It was fun to create such a pathetic villain.  On the one hand, you almost feel sorry for him because his evil behavior is obviously caused by self-loathing, but that sympathy quickly subsides with your next encounter with the man.

Lew’s girlfriend . . . yes, he manages to have one . . . is Lois. I suppose every snake in life needs support. With her tattoos and bleached blonde hair, Lois became a manipulated prize on his arm--a brainwashed beauty that is controlled to death.

Mayor Leavitt is the ringleader at City Hall in Tuey’s Course. So many small towns have people with inflated egos in charge, don't they? Mayor Leavitt assumes this role with eagerness.  He's a great example of someone who manages to take just a small amount of power and balloon into something unbearable.

LeVournique O’Tweety is the wife of Tuey O’Tweety and is also featured in Tuey’s Course. As the harassment of her husband by the mayor and others continues to escalate, LeVournique offers support in her own limited and questionably helpful way. With an infectious smile, polished nails, fake eyelashes and costume jewelry, LeVournique holds down the fort in the cashier cage of the local casino and her work schedule largely isolates her from the frustrations that face her childhood sweetheart until the water spills over the levee.

Finally Morgan Langdon surfaced as a character in Opur’s Blade. Out of nowhere she appears as the young lover of the main character in that story. The whirlwind courtship blossoms and plays an important part in the final pages of the novel. Her Southern roots, charming good looks and brains made Morgan Langdon somewhat of a favorite of mine, which perhaps accounts for the fact that I made sure she resurfaced in Pabby's Score.

James Ross
Author of Lifetime Loser, Finish Line, Tuey's Course, Opur's Blade, and Pabby's Score
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