Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Todays Brings Us Characters to Love . . . or Love to Hate!

If I was able to look at each person who is reading this blog post and today and ask you to raise your hand if you had a friend or family member who had been diagnosed with cancer, I imagine that I would see most of you with a hand in the air.  The "C word" has affected all of us, and each person's story about the disease is compelling and unique.  Finish Line is a novel about one man’s struggle with cancer. He is stricken in the prime of his life and he struggles to combat the disease while acting as a big brother to two teens who have troubled home lives and both desperately need a strong male role model.  In this coming-of-age story, both the young men and the lead character, Curt, end their summer together having learned some important lessons about their own strength and potential.

Whether you are a star quarterback who just received national attention as you decided with which team you would end your career or a writer who sits in front of the computer on the weekends dreaming of the day your first book is published, you probably have spent time with a coach who has made a difference in your life.  This is a person who encourages you, guides you, and offers some honest criticism when needed.  Prairie Winds Golf Couse has its own coach as well. You probably can picture him -- he's the one who lives and breathes his sport, can always be found wearing a track suit or other athletic gear, and is the assumed go-to guy for all things physical.  This coach character I've developed has roles in Lifetime Loser and Tuey’s Course and loves to share his opinions with the other guys in the clubhouse on his days off.

One of my favorite, and perhaps most memorable, characters is Captain Jerry Stafford, aka Captain Jer. The retired pilot is the drunk that occupies the clubhouse and any foursome that will have him. His golf game is lousy but his quick wit and off-the-wall comments are fuel for anyone that wants to argue. He’s definitely opinionated and you really cannot guess what offensive or obscene statement might come out of his mouth next. This character was created in my second novel, Finish Line, and has had a large part in all of the succeeding stories.

I've enjoyed these first few days of using the alphabet to share some of my characters and storylines and I look forward to working through the letters over the month of April as part of this blogging challenge!

James Ross
Author of Lifetime Loser, Finish Line, Tuey's Course, Opur's Blade, and Pabby's Score
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Gerry Wendel said...

Yes indeed, everyone knows someone with cancer. Sadly, this is a disease that does not discriminate and can surprise folks who thought they were healthy. On a positive note, recently had a friend catch it very early have a successful surgery. It is so important to get check ups!

FeFiFo said...

Nice theme for the A-Z, good to meet you here. :)

CLC said...

It's interesting in that as a child and on up to womanhood, I knew no one of any age with cancer. What has changed in that short time is astounding. I too wrote a book about the subject - only it's pointed toward a new vision on the nature of health and healing. What we're doing is not working. We need to stop being intimidated by the word (as you obviously have as well!) and start looking from a new angle.