Friday, April 6, 2012

A Few Figures Who Start with "F"

 One of the clubhouse regulars at Prairie Winds Golf Course is a portly redhead named Fred. He is normally the first one through the door with a dozen doughnuts and is an everyday golfer that head pro J Dub Schroeder spends a few minutes talking to in the morning. Fred works as a night supervisor at the auto plant, clocks out early, heads straight to the golf course to play a round, and then uses the rest of his day to sleep before starting the routine all over again.

Fred is often the catalyst for discussions about current events that unfold in my novels, as the blue-collar worker and golf pro exchange opinions over a fresh pot of coffee with the sunrise as their backdrop.  My hope is that the honest conversations these guys share start other conversations between readers.  Those who have read any of my books no that I don't have any off-limit topics, and Fred and J Dub introduce many of them with mutual respect and practical sense.

Festus came to me as I was writing Tuey’s Course. He is a round man with hunched shoulders who works as the late shift cop in town and doubles as the security guard during the meetings at City Hall. While his exposure in my writing is limited to Tuey's Course, he is part of what I consider to be one of the most gripping and emotional scenes I've created, as tension between a disenfranchised member of the community and the powers-that-be in local government come to a head.

Callum Foss is a colorful sportscaster who made his debut in Opur’s Blade. I had a lot of fun creating this character. He hails from England and one-liners flow easily out of his mouth with that distinct British dialogue as he teams with Trent Tee to describe the events that occur at The Classic, which is America’s greatest golf tournament.

Pabby’s Score is the book in which readers meet Farley Bend. This character is an alderman in town but works primarily as the night supervisor at the sewage treatment plant. He is carrying on a torrid affair with Pamela Porter who is the headmistress at Footprints of Hope foster care center.  Pamela employs Farley to do odd jobs around the orphanage in order to keep him close and for their relationship to have a place to flourish in private.

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James Ross
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