Monday, July 20, 2015

Lofty Overall Status On FREE Kindle For Opur's Blade

Embracing the Kindle Select free promotional program has been a God-send for me in that it has pushed one of my novels - Opur's Blade - to a very lofty level on Kindle. Initially my view of giving away books was met with reluctance. In my mind the thought process was that I wanted to get paid for my efforts. Any independent author would, or so I thought.

However there was one gigantic hurdle. If readers did not know that an obscure indie author existed, then how would they find that author's work? Marketing people stressed to me the importance of being "out there." The way to do that was to take advantage of the marketing tools provided by Amazon's Kindle Select program and give away ebooks.

So, I got organized, made some friends within the Free Kindle marketing companies, and gave it a coordinated effort. Opur's Blade has "taken off" during the latest promotional period which is running July 20-21. It has broken into the Top 25 in Free Kindle Overall books and sits atop the rankings in Sports Fiction, Cozy Mystery/Suspense, and Young Adult/Teen books. The downloads are off the chart. Get your free Kindle copy now on Amazon. The reviews have been fantastic.

Oh - a little about the book. It's a cozy sports mystery with an ending that will challenge any reader. If you're looking for some character-based suspense, then give it a try right here!