Tuesday, November 27, 2012

#Obamacare and the Naive Public

I have to chuckle at all of the people whining about corporate America announcing layoffs in the wake of the 2012 election. When they pulled the lever to continue the failed policies of this administration did they really think that it was going to be “business as usual” in the good ole US of A?

Bigger government is an extra layer of expense. The environment for those trying make a buck in this country right now is not very friendly. If you don’t think so, then try going into business. What do you think a lot of entrepreneurs are going to do over the next four years? I’ll tell you what they are going to do. They are going to pack up and call it a day. Why take on extra expenses and added risk?

The employer / employee relationship to which we have grown accustomed is going to change drastically. Many workers will become independent contractors. What does that mean? It means that if you want a job then you’ll sign a contract to work for a short specified period of time with no guarantees that your work will continue after the term of the agreement expires. That also means that benefits will be altered or become non-existent. Try getting a home loan or credit with that employment uncertainty hanging over your head.

The voters who think it is the responsibility of corporate America to continue to hand out benefits really must live in a fairy tale world. When they pushed the lever did they really think that the “haves” were going to sit around and allow the “have-nots” dictate to them how their money was going to be spent?

This country is going to stay massively divided. Big business will stagnate. Tax dollars that are generated when either a product or service is sold will dry up as people become unemployed. This abysmal spiral that is being perpetuated by current government policies is going to drive the great business leaders of this country to take a backseat.

In my opinion, we should be prepared to hunker down. Times are going to get awfully difficult in the days ahead. A fiscally out-of-control government may very well drive this nation into a depression that we haven’t experienced in over eighty years.

When they speak about corporate America the delusional voters and whiners complain, “They can’t do that!” Big business will say, “Watch me!”
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Monday, November 19, 2012

Moving Skyward in #Book Rankings

One way an author can promote one of his book titles is to encourage many potential readers to buy the book on the same day.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

The GOP and the Vagina

The presidential election of 2012 has the pundits scratching their heads. The second guessing will go on for the next four years as all of the Republicans who guaranteed a solid victory for their candidate, Governor Mitt Romney, looked at numbers that proved otherwise. What went wrong?

With unemployment numbers still high and a chronic feeling of discontent in the country, the election was a major coup for the incumbent Democrat. President Obama’s staff correctly played the geography and demographics and an amazing GOTV strategy. They maximized their ability to garner a super majority of votes in the major metropolitan urban areas and just enough votes beyond that.

The analysts stated that a phenomenon of contradiction existed in this election. The exit polls indicated that the voters were deeply concerned about the direction of the country, but stayed the course. The exit polls also revealed that many of the voters thought that Mitt Romney would be better for the economy, but the voters stayed the course. So, was this election nothing more than a very expensive popularity contest?

Obama’s re-election was especially beneficial for many groups. Black voters, gays and lesbians, abortion activists, Muslims, unions, welfare recipients, feminists and illegal immigrants came out winners.

During a phone call with a good female friend just after the election, I was told, “The GOP needs to learn how to stay away from a woman’s vagina. We want to do what we want with our bodies in 2012. We’ll decide if we want to have an abortion or not.”

But what about morals? What about what is stated in the Bible?

“We’ll decide what is best for us. We don’t need some conservative politician telling us what to do and making decisions for us.”

Hmmmm. Thanks for being blunt. In a close election maybe the moral majority isn’t as strong as once believed. A few more female votes certainly could not have hurt the Republican cause in 2012. It might be time for that party to alter its stance to accommodate the modern woman.

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Mark #12_12_12 as a Date for #Book Lovers

Pabby's Score

Numbers play a significant role in our lives -- anniversaries, birth dates, holidays, and more are marked by certain dates on our calendar. Some of us have a lucky or favorite number and even make decisions based on these affiliations.  This year we have a date that only comes around once a century and I’d like to take advantage of this quirk in the calendar. 12/12/12 is rapidly approaching.

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