Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Draw of Secret Societies

No matter our stage in life, we all want to feel like we belong somewhere.  And, let's admit it, sometimes the more exclusive the membership to our particular group, the prouder we are.  Whether it's the varsity football team in high school, the most popular fraternity in college, or the inner circle that has the CEO's ear at your company, being on the inside is desirable.

You cannot get more "inside" than a secret society, when your membership secrets are restricted to a chosen few.  Most of us will never know what that is like, but conspiracy theorists like to claim that several of our presidents have been members of the international Illuminati that control world events.  Count me as one who isn't convinced that our world's governing bodies are being manipulated by the puppet strings of a few men whose purposes remain in the shadows.

The Freemasons also get pegged as a secret society that consists of the powerful and influential, with some historians creating the connection between President George Washington and the Masons and claiming that the stature of that organization boosted our first president's leadership.

Of course, many secret societies go no deeper than employing a secret handshake and meeting in discreet locations for the purposes of male bonding.  So, let's not give them too much credit.

In my upcoming release, Pabby's Score, I explore secret societies and the draw we have to their assumed sense of influence and importance.  And, of course, this will be set among the characters you have come to know in my previous works as they spend countless hours talking at the Prairie Winds Golf Course clubhouse.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Online Dating Has a Presence in My New Book

My upcoming release, Pabby's Score, will feature many of the characters you have come to know from my other published works but also offers some new story lines that I hope will start some interesting discussions among readers.  One popular relationship trend that becomes a point of interest in Pabby's Score is that of online dating.  As one of the popular matchmaking websites notes in its television commercials, twenty percent of all relationships now start as a result of some kind of internet service.

I imagine there are some people reading this blog post who are currently dating someone they discovered after placing a profile on one of the many dating sites available today.  I am not at all surprised now when a friend tells me he was at a wedding the previous weekend and the happy couple met through their computers.  I've heard that story more than a few times now.

There are several reasons to turn to online dating in an attempt to find anything from a casual encounter to a spouse.  Maybe you devote many hours to your profession and the spare time just isn't there for hanging out at the places that eligible singles tend to go.  It could be that you are shy and sharing a bit about yourself through a website is less intimidating than walking up to a stranger and starting a conversation.  Or, it could be that you've tried the traditional dating practices for years and you are ready to do something different.

For the people you know who primarily date through these sites, or maybe even concerning yourself, what was the reason for joining? 

There are genuine safety concerns when meeting a date in person for the first time.  What's a great first date location that is public and doesn't keep someone stuck in a painful situation for hours?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

My New Novel Confronts a Broken Legal and Political System

My upcoming novel, Pabby’s Score, which is scheduled to be released later this year, makes a strong statement about the controversial advocacy and lack of ethical standards that exists among some in the legal community.

If you’ve read any of my previous books, you know that the characters that I’ve created are opinionated and have a lot to say about controversial social issues as they play a round or two at Prairie Winds Golf Course. Add a candid look at the high level of hypocrisy that we encounter in American society emanating from those in professional circles that are supposedly designed to vet these issues in a fair and judicious manner, and I hopefully have created another work that will spark heated and thoughtful discussions among my readers.

In Pabby’s Score, the collective opinion about politicians, judges, and lawyers among the regulars who bring their five irons to club house on a regular basis is not flattering.  With the mismanagement of government that is occurring on both sides of the aisle and playing out on the news every night, controversial court rulings that seem to fly in the face of our foundations as a nation, and a litigious society that makes a mockery of the serious nature with which legal challenges should be presented, I thought that it would be a suitable time for the regular players at the golf course to voice their displeasure with our leaders.

With this newest release, you’ll find civil justice (or injustice) as criminal acts come to the forefront and the web of involvement by respected members of the community bring into question the value of our leadership. I will be curious to learn if, after reading Pabby’s Score, your thoughts on the current state of our judicial and political process are the same as the guys in the clubhouse.  If that turns out to be the case, we are a people ready for some sweeping changes in how our legal and leadership systems operate.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Blogging Hiatus is Over!

OK, it's been a while.  I have been absent from my blog for nearly a year, but my silence was with good reason.  I took some time off from this component of my outreach efforts to focus on writing and editing a new novel, Pabby's Score, and to refine the methods through which I am marketing my published works--Lifetime Loser, Finish Line, Tuey's Course, and Opur's Blade.  It's been a great time of growth for me as an author, and I look forward to sharing what I have learned and some insights into my new work as I now move forward with this blog.

I am excited about the upcoming release of Pabby's Score.  If you have read any of my previous books, you know that I give great importance to strong and honest character development and try to create situations that weave these fictional individuals into story lines that are raw with emotion.  Of course, along the way my love of golf offers an essential backdrop to all that unfolds!

Pabby's Score will feature unscrupulous politicians (research wasn't difficult to find there!), corrupt police officers, Internet dating, horse track betting, and dementia.  Each element is an essential piece in crafting a novel that would not be complete without it.  I will share more details as the October release date draws closer!

For those who have been following my work since the release of Lifetime Loser several years ago . . . thank you.  For those who may just be discovering my books and blog now, I look forward to getting to know you and I would love to hear your feedback at any time.  Please check back here often for fresh material and posting of important announcements.  I'm glad to be back!