Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Xlibris is My Indie Author Publisher - #AtoZChallenge

Today is the “X” Day in the A to Z Challenge – 2016.

Let’s assume that you have something that you want to say. Your preferred method of conveying that message is through the written word. The next thing you know you have a book that you have written and you want to get it published.

Do you want an agent? Do you need a publisher? How do you go about getting it in print? Today there are a lot of options. Many simply go to Amazon’s Kindle Select program and create an eBook. Of course there are a host of other companies today that can convert and sell eBooks as well. What is the right decision to make?

I did a lot of research online. My first book was published before the eBook storm took over the market. The company that I chose to publish the hard cover and paperback editions was Xlibris. Now they are a division of Random House. The product was beautiful. Even though the book was self-published I could claim that I was a published author and the final product that I could put in the hands of readers was very impressive.

Since then I have created a website, formed a presence on Amazon Author Central, and have added several more books. Each one has been published in conjunction with Xlibris. The market doesn’t dictate hard cover and paperback too much anymore. Xlibris also converts my manuscripts to an eBook format. With that I go to Amazon and offer my titles in the Kindle Select program. With me it all starts with Xlibris. They offer very nice quality.

So, if you are an indie author who is looking for a self-publisher you may feel the need to contact Xlibris. They have been good to me and you can rest assured that the end product will be first class.

James Ross has penned several novels from the Prairie Winds Golf Course setting. The stories are character-based, cross many genres, and have become Kindle favorites. Visit his  website for detailed information, reader comments, and contact links.

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