Friday, April 1, 2016

Buford's Tree - Next #Fiction #Book in the Prairie Winds Golf Course Series #AToZChallenge

Buford's Tree, the 7th book in the Prairie Winds Golf Course series is currently under construction. A middle-aged high school football coach is stricken with a deadly form of cancer. The regulars at the golf course rally around one of their own. Charity, hope, and a tearful reunion deliver a lot of nostalgia to a sobering situation.

This is a difficult book for me to create. Writer’s block has firmly entrenched itself into this project. First, it was my desire to get more involved in the marketing of my books. One promotional month has become eighteen. My mind got sidetracked.

Secondly, this topic hits close to home. Not only am I a cancer survivor, but I have lost a very dear friend – perhaps my best buddy - to the disease. My goal was to write a story that was a tribute to him. However I am finding that no wording is going to replace his loss or honor his friendship. Even though the story will be fictionalized tackling the topic rekindles memories that are personal.

One of these days when my mind allows I will go like gangbusters to get this story on paper. I'll apologize to my readers for not getting a book out this year. In the meantime visit and try some of my latest efforts.

James Ross has penned several novels from the Prairie Winds Golf Course setting. The stories are character-based, cross many genres, and have become Kindle favorites. Visit his website for detailed information, reader comments, and contact links.

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