Friday, April 22, 2016

Tuey’s Course – A #CozyMystery and Satire #Fiction #AtoZChallenge

This is the "T" Day in the A to Z Challenge - 2016.

Tuey’s Course was a challenging and fun book to write. The idea came about after a good friend had read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn for the third time. He mentioned that it was almost impossible to understand what Jim had to say because the dialogue was so skewed. He suggested that I create a character that would offer the same speech. So Tuey was created.

I literally laughed out loud as I wrote this book. It was such fun to write. Because the character’s journey was disjointed I decided to keep the events of the story foggy as well. Thus, it is a hard book to read for two reasons. One, it jumps in and out of various scenes and two, the dialect of Tuey is difficult to understand.

The story? Tuey is a hardworking, but simple man. His efforts to succeed are constantly throttled back by the politics of City Hall. This provides problems as those around him experience success. Lots of it. Since Tuey is on the bottom step of the food chain, life’s problems trickle down. He spins in circles that magnify the frustrations.

After landing a job at a local golf course primarily through a friendship that a regular golfer had with the proprietor, Tuey begins a work-related journey that spins in circles much like his life. Others make good while Tuey becomes frustrated. An easy task experiences delays. Problems surface. Personalities clash. Emotions boil over.

The final pages are a surprise. You’ll have to read Tuey’s Course to see why his fantasy is warped in time. Hard cover and paperback editions are available on Amazon. Members of Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited can read the eBook for free.

James Ross has penned several novels from the Prairie Winds Golf Course setting. The stories are character-based, cross many genres, and have become Kindle favorites. Visit his  website for detailed information, reader comments, and contact links.

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