Friday, April 29, 2016

Z For Zoysia Fairways In #Golf and #Fiction - #AtoZChallenge

Today is the “Z” Day in the A to Z Challenge – 2016.

Zoysia fairways - if you have ever golfed and hit off of that turf you know how nice they are. The setting for my books is fictitious Prairie Winds Golf Course which sits high atop the Mississippi river bluffs just east of St. Louis. That locale comes equipped with zoysia fairways.

Zoysia turf is “a dream come true” for greens keepers and golf course superintendents – especially those in the Midwest and South. It thrives in weather that allows for the temperature to stay in the 70s at night. From a weed control standpoint the root system is such that everything in its path in pushed out. This is really important to the maintenance staff because it cuts down on the use of chemicals and weed control applications.

The drawbacks to this sort of turf are that it requires a lot of water in the summer months and it will go dormant in colder weather. However if you want a type of grass that loves hot, humid weather then zoysia is the way to go. It needs a lot of sunlight, but will weaken in shady areas.

The playing surface is second to none. Golfers, especially amateur players, love the way the ball sits up. That makes it easier for them to hit the ball. Virtually every lie is pristine. A shot that finds a resting spot on this kind of grass will reward the golfer on the next shot.

Courses that use this sort of grass typically have a lower maintenance budget which makes it easier to produce a more attractive bottom line. There are several ways that zoysia can be installed. It can be sodded which is the most expensive. It can be stripped or plugged. This method allows for total coverage after a couple of growing seasons. Finally, it can be sprigged. Essentially the roots are sprinkled across existing turf. As long as the root makes contact with dirt and is watered the root will spread rapidly and produce an attractive final product in a short period of time. This is the most cost-effective means to install it.

Stop by and meet the guys in the clubhouse at Prairie Winds. They are no different than the guys in any local pro shop. A good place to start would be my 3-book bundles which are available on Kindle. James Ross – A YoungAdult Trilogy and James Ross – A Character-Based Collection can be read free by members of Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited.

James Ross has penned several novels from the Prairie Winds Golf Course setting. The stories are character-based, cross many genres, and have become Kindle favorites. Visit his  website for detailed information, reader comments, and contact links.

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