Friday, May 8, 2009

Drinking Becomes Its Own Recreational Sport for Some

There seems to be a long-standing partnership between recreational activities and enjoying a few alcoholic beverages. Someone is usually in charge of bringing a cooler of beer to the weeknight softball game. We’ve all seen those Corona commercials that associate a cold long neck with lounging on the beach. And, every holiday seems to have some alcohol consumption associated with the celebration (including this week’s Cinco de Mayo festivities). A typical day on the golf course is no different for most casual players. It is not unusual to have a round or two in the clubhouse before driving out to the fairway and then sipping on a couple more as you wind your way through the eighteen holes. However, one of the characters in my series of novels that take place at the Prairie Winds Golf Course has taken his drinking a bit too far.

Captain Jer, as he is known by his friends in the club house, is a retired pilot who regularly consumes enough alcohol to make his ability to stand and function, let alone play golf, quite astounding. He is known to drink an entire twelve-pack of beer in the morning even before taking his seat in the golf cart. In his inebriated state, Captain Jer is known to flirt shamelessly with every woman in sight, hurl racial epithets at innocent workers who are simply minding their own business, and mock the friends who somehow still return to play with him time and time again. I believe that while readers will rightfully be disgusted by some of Captain Jer’s behaviors, they may also feel sorry for him in his impaired state.

I introduce a group of Prairie Winds regulars in my first book Lifetime Loser who reappear in the subsequent novels, Finish Line and Tuey’s Course. Captain Jer is just one example of the interesting personalities you will meet. I hope you will read all three of these books and then let me know which character you found the most fascinating, likable … or insulting! I look forward to your feedback.

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Anonymous said...

You should love a character that I've created. Captain Jer is a retired pilot that can't swing the club without downing a snootful....