Friday, April 30, 2010

My Novels are Now Available as E-Books

With all of the technology that has been introduced into our society in just the past ten or fifteen years, the way in which authors write and readers read and the two groups interact has completely changed. How many high school students still head to the local library the night before a big project is due to find the history book they need in the card catalog? How many writers spend hours sequestered away in front of a typewriter as they create their latest novels? We now are using laptops, iPads, Amazon Kindles, and even our cell phones to access the articles and books we want to read.

I have joined this literary revolution and all three of my published novels--Lifetime Loser, Finish Line, and Tuey's Course--are now available through my publisher as e-books. The e-books also are available through Barnes and Noble's The Nook and Sony's Reader. If you prefer to read through the convenience of your computer or handheld device, the characters and controversy at Prairie Winds Golf Course are now ready for you! Of course, if you prefer the feel of paper, my books are still are still available through Amazon and the website for Barnes and Noble.

One feature of the e-book that has me particularly excited is that the titles are now more easy to purchase overseas. Worldwide exposure is now affordable. Readers in Australia, Europe, the southern hemisphere, and Asia now have immediate access to the stories generated from Prairie Winds Golf Course.

Whether you read the book as a .pdf file while sitting in a coffee shop or with the spine cracked open as you turn each page to learn what happens next, I hope you will read my novels and then let me know what you think!

Some people lament the fact that a whole generation is being raised without the opportunity to get lost in library stacks or hold worn pages of classic novel between their hands. Others are excited by the greater accessibility that these electronic tools bring to untapped readers. Do you fall on one side or the other, or do you see merits to both points? Let me know!

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