Thursday, April 15, 2010

How Does Tax Day Make You Feel about the Government?

Today is probably the most popular day of the year to complain about the government. It's also the day that every radio talk show host feels compelled to play "Taxman" by The Beatles for bumper music. Of course, everyone knows that April 15 is the day that the federal government (and most state governments) takes what it believes to be its portion of your earnings. Many post offices will remain open until midnight as procrastinators across the nation mail their completed paperwork to Washington, D.C.

For the second year in a row, tax day will be accompanied by protests both in our nation's capital and in cities and towns across the United States. Members of the "Tea Parties" have declared their frustration with the size and scope of government and are gathering essentially to give the message to elected officials--"get out of our lives!" Recent polls show that the Tea Party philosophy does have significant support among voters and many candidates admit that a Tea Party endorsement means something to their chances for victory.

In my third novel, Tuey's Course, a poor African American man also has more than his share of frustrations with City Hall. However, unlike the individuals in the Tea Party movement, he does not find a group of concerned citizens to rally around him and the media takes no interest in his plight. With these difficult circumstances, the outcome is startling and will make you think long after you finish the book. I hope you will check it out!

What thoughts go through your mind on tax day? Maybe you don't even need tax day to remind you about your frustrations with the government! Are you sympathetic to the Tea Party cause? Or, do you think they are completely off-base?

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