Monday, June 22, 2009

Your Reviews Wanted! It helps me with my writing!

I am writing today to ask for your feedback! I have heard from so many of you who have read one or more of my books and let me know that you really enjoyed the setting of the golf course and the unique characters that I worked to create on the pages. Your words of encouragement have meant so much to me and motivated me as I’ve worked to put the finishing touches on Opur’s Blade, which is scheduled to be released later this year. Thank you to everyone who has sent me an email or left a comment on this blog.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would share your thoughts on Lifetime Loser, Finish Line, and Tuey’s Course with the reading audience that is out there and eager to find a great new piece of fiction to enjoy. If you enjoyed meeting personalities like J. W. “J Dub” Schroeder or WeWildapheet Ulisees “Tuey” O’Tweety, please let the readers at Amazon know what you have already discovered. If you are a golf fanatic and you know that other players of this great sport would relate to the conversations that occur at the Prairie Winds Golf Course clubhouse, would you share your experience with my books on your favorite golf forum? I know how powerful “word of mouth” recommendations can be!

I cannot begin to explain the amazing journey I have taken over the past several years as I made the decision to become a writer and then actually took the steps to make that dream happen. I am so fortunate to be able to combine two of my great passions—golf and writing—into a profession that allows me flexibility and endless personal satisfaction. If you truly enjoyed what I put out there for your reading consumption, I hope you pass it on.

Please know you are a part of what allows my dream to flourish!


James Ross

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