Monday, June 8, 2009

Review of Tuey’s Course by James Ross

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Tuey’s Course is the 3rd novel in James Ross’ series of 3 that showcase the human spirit, flaws, resilience and frailties using a golf course as a backdrop and plot enhancer. I have already registered my opinion on Ross’ first 2 novels; Lifetime Loser and The Finish Line.

This 3rd novel was not my favorite of the three but that does not mean you should ignore it. Ross again displays his adeptness at showing how the world of golf mirrors life in so many ways. This story is about a hapless and downtrodden black businessman, WeWildapheet Ulisees O’Tweety, a.k.a. Tuey, who is targeted by the corrupt politicians at City Hall in St. Louis and a local bank president among others based on their personal greed and agendas.

Ross’ mastery of Tuey’s dialect is of note as it takes you deeper into Tuey’s mind and world. You really start to feel Tuey’s pain and frustration in a way that only his use of the special dialect can allow. At first the story line does seem encumbered with too many references of the key players’ physical characteristics to their animal counterparts. However, as the plot develops and the ending ensues it all seems to make sense.

The problem is that unless you hang onto the end you think Ross has gone down a totally bizarre path in Tuey’s Course. I am glad I kept reading as the ending clears up the confusion of the analogies and smacks you in the face with what Tuey does to deal with his discriminations and frustrations.

For an overall review of James Ross’ series, I rank Lifetime Loser as my favorite with its Grisham-like plot, The Finish Line is next but a close second to Lifetime Loser and that leaves Tuey’s Course coming in as my 3rd choice.

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