Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why is Golf So Popular with Retirees?

I am sure that most of us have dreams about what we will do after we retire. Perhaps you have a long list of international travel destinations that await your arrival. Maybe you want to develop a hobby like woodworking or boating that was not possible with the time constraints that come with a nine-to-five job. What if you want your post-employment plans to include some athletic component? Realistically, given the age of most retirees, tackle football is probably not the best option. And, the opportunities for competitive softball leagues are limited for the fine senior citizens of our country.

On the other hand, just do a Google search for “golf retirement.” You will find pages of results for golf communities, senior golf tournaments, and golf-related retirement gifts for that special someone. There are several reasons that golf is the ideal pastime for those who are enjoying the golden years of their lives. Many of the most popular and beautiful courses are located in warmer spots of our country that attract retired couples. Only those for whom long hours of work are a thing of the past can devote hours on a Monday morning to honing their swing or relaxing in the clubhouse. And, golf gives us the opportunity to remain active while not taxing our bodies to an extreme. With golf carts, long breaks at the club house, and other amenities, golf can be as much or as little of a workout as you wish!

In my three published novels, all of which have the Prairie Winds Golf Course at a backdrop, some of the characters I feature are enjoying their retirement years with friends, beers, and mornings on the course. Sounds pretty ideal to me! Are you currently retired and enjoying a full-time golf life? Let us know if the reality lives up to the lifestyle that golf fans everywhere imagine!

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