Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Get Caught Up on Life at Prairie Winds Golf Course Before My New Book is Released

My fourth novel, Opur's Blade, is nearing completion and I am excited to introduce it to my readers later this year. If you haven't read my first three books, now is the time to do it! While each one of my novels stands alone in its storyline, some of the characters are found throughout the series and you can best follow their individual stories if you have read Lifetime Loser, Finish Line, and Tuey's Course. For those not familiar with my three published novels, here is a brief overview.

Lifetime Loser -- "J Dub" Schroeder stands one shot away from qualifying for the PGA Tour. Will this lifelong dream be shattered? Will a business opportunity take him down a destructive path? How will his dealings with shady characters destroy his faith in the future? Can a troublesome land deal destroy the new life he finally starts to build for his family? This legal real estate thriller provides courtroom drama.

Finish Line -- Two teenage boys find themselves working at the Prairie Winds Golf Course for the summer after choosing to vandalize a neighbor's property. While working under the supervision of Curt Schroeder, whose brother was introduced in Lifetime Loser, Justin and Keith learn important lessons about hard work, perseverance, and character. This is a poignant story that deals with adolescent coming-of-age amidst cancer.

Tuey's Course -- Tuey,a former star athlete, struggles for justice for his minority-owned business. Powers at City Hall go to great extremes to enforce ordinance violations and obscure laws to threaten his economic survival. What results is a controversial storyline that confronts racial stereotypes, poverty, and the influence of government against a small businessman. Prairie Winds Golf Course continues to be the backdrop where much of the plot unfolds. Will the “good ole boy” network prevail?

If you have yet to read these three books, I hope you will choose to do so. And, I hope you will look for Opur's Blade when it is released. I certainly will post updates about its publication on this blog.

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