Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sharing Who I Am through Social Media

There are so many ways for authors to publicize their work. Social networking sites and techniques that are available in 2010 are light years ahead of what was available ten years ago or even five years ago. Just to make a list of all of the possible online networking options would make for a long blog post -- Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo, LinkedIn, YouTube, MySpace ... the options seem endless. It is wonderful to have so many ways to reach people and share information about my novels, but I also know it is possible to overextend and lose focus. So, I would like to share my experiences and also hear from some of you about how you use social media to market your work.

I have found a great home for expressing myself on Twitter. In addition to letting my followers know when I have some information to share about my books, I also "tweet" one-liners from some of my favorite quotes from of my favorite comedians, quotes from celebrities in the worlds of sports, entertainment, and politics as well as bits of trivia. I like to post quick pieces of ridiculous laws that are actually on the the books somewhere. If you want to start following me on Twitter, look me up at @golfnovels or @JamesRossBooks.

One of my favorite ways to connect with the public is at As DJ "golfnovels" I have the opportunity to play some of my favorite songs and mood music that I listen to as I write. Music is an important part of my life and I think people can get to know me better by hearing the songs that mean something to me.

My hope is that by sharing some things that I find entertaining or important, my followers will get connected to me as a person and therefore take more interest in reading what I have published. I like to think that my books--Lifetime Loser, Finish Line, and Tuey's Course--are just another extension of my personality.

Let me know how you use social media, and maybe how you believe it can be misused as well. Please clue me in on what works for you.


cassandrajade said...

I have to admit I am also a great witter fan. I use it to pass on great link to interesting information and to participate in ongoing conversations, such as #writechat which happens once a week and brings so many interesting people together.
Thanks for sharing your experiences using social media.

Barbara Techel said...

I think this is such an exciting time to be an author because of social media. It offers us so many ways in which we can connect with others-- I've met so many wonderful and like-minded people because of it.

Barbara Techel
Award winning author of the Frankie the Walk ‘N Roll Dog Book Series
My passion is bringing a positive face and voice to animals with disabilities
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Robert said...

Social media is something that can be a time waster if you are not careful.

I too am on Blip and have music that can take me into a work zone as not much else can, especially new age or Gregorian chants.

I enjoy this site.

Donna B. Russell said...

Thanks to social networking venues, especially Twitter and Facebook, I've made some wonderful contacts in the writing community, have found great articles on the craft of writing and editing thanks to links provided by those contacts, began doing freelance editing, and have been able to participate in terrific promotion ideas such as the Valentine Blog Chain. I have also joined some writers' groups, both online and offline thanks to the suggestions and invitations from these new colleagues.

Shelia Goss said...

What I've learned to do is to visit the social networks while I'm talking on the phone or watching TV so it won't distract me from my work; otherwise I can spend all day on there and not get any writing done.

Vada and Joe said...

We am thankful for the social networking on Facebook and Twitter. We've not been doing it for long, but it's a great way to connect with others and promote ones work.