Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Golf is Like Writing: The Letter J

As those of you who read my blog regularly know, I have found many common elements between two of my great passions--playing golf and writing novels. It was decided that I would create a series of posts utilizing the letters of the alphabet, adding to them periodically.

Today I decided to present myself with a challenge and select a difficult letter on which to brainstorm. I offer you the "J" connections that exist between golf and writing.

1. Juggling -- When it's a beautiful Saturday morning outside my personality demands that I play a round of golf with my golfing buddies, all I want to do is play a few rounds on the golf course. When writing I concoct adventures that I want one of my characters to experience. I don't want to move from my computer until the entire scene, complete with dialogue, is written to perfection. However, we all have other personal and professional responsibilities that require our time. Giving the attention I desire to both golf and writing requires an ongoing juggling of my schedule.

2. Joking -- I never want to get to a point in my life where I take myself too seriously. If I hit a horrible shot into the water, I should be laughing just as hard as the guys around me and not throwing my clubs in frustration. When a fellow writer offers a good-natured teasing about something I wrote for one of my characters, I tend to laugh along, too, knowing what went into the scene. Work play tend to be a lot better if we have fun while doing it.

3. Jumping -- OK, maybe sometimes this act is only figurative, but I want to be excited about the ways in which I am choosing to spend my life. A good round of golf is worthy of some jumping, or at least a fist pump! When I get a great review for one of my books or a reader shares what one of my novels meant to him, I think a little jumping is in order!

Do you have some "J" words that come to mind regarding your profession, or in terms of how two of your passions come together? I would love to read your ideas!


Sola said...

Jubilant? I feel jubilant as I reinvent my writing that has been in the back burner for 20 years. I like the alphabet idea!.

Scott Lorenz said...

Wow. You picked a tough first letter! How about...Jack of All Trades? As a hot-air balloon pilot I play meteorologist - checking the weather to make sure it's safe to fly. I play gracious host to my passengers to ensure they have a great ride. I set up, take down, refuel, and - oh yeah - I fly the balloon. The same applies for book marketing. It's not enough to be a good writer, a good people person, or have a good idea - you need to be great in all areas to present the right package. How's that for a "J" word?

Suzanne Lieurance said...

Hi, James,

Like you, I love making connections between all the things I do.

A word that starts with "j" that relates to what I do is "joy" because my writing and coaching give me great joy!

Happy writing - and golfing!

Golfer In Kilt said...

Jamming. I love music, and when I'm on the golf course the most important thing to get me in the groove is my rhythm.

Lyn South said...

How's this one: judicious. Huh, huh? Waiting for the applause.

Ok, I'll explain. In golf one must be judicious in selecting the right club for a specific shot and the distance to the target. The same goes for writing, writers must be judicious when editing so they create the perfect string of words to engage the reader.