Sunday, January 31, 2010

One More Set of Resolutions to Finish the Month

As promised, I want to share the New Year's Resolutions of one more of my characters before we leave January behind and prepare to address some new topics in February.

Today my focus is on the collective body of elected officials that serves a population just outside of St. Louis, namely in the hometown of WeWildapheet Ulisees O’Tweety (known as Tuey). This group of men and women proves to be a constant nemesis to the title character in my novel Tuey's Course. The people on the city council demonstrate that the power of elected officials is out of control and often works worst when the actual stakes are so small. These government egomaniacs pass ordinances that will have negative consequences for the "little man," for no other reason other than they can.

So, what do these supposed public servants have planned for 2010:

1. Change the timing of the yellow lights within the city to decrease from three seconds to one second in order to catch more people driving through red lights. What an easy way to get more revenue for City Hall!

2. Declare a local government holiday on each of their birthdays so that an additional 10% sales tax can be implemented against purchases made on those days.

3. Approve 30% pay raises for themselves for all of the dedicated time and energy they put into controlling the city.

4. Randomly select a new citizen to harass. Then, enforce every petty ordinance and send regular threats of legal action to his home.

I'm sure that all of you can think of some more resolutions that would be perfect for members of a local government who have an inflated sense of their own power!

If you haven't yet, I hope you will read Tuey's Course and let me know if you think my resolution seems accurate. Also, don't forget to check out my first two books -- Lifetime Loser and Finish Line. Thanks!

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