Friday, February 12, 2010

The Winter Olympics -- Will You Be Watching?

The latest news reports show that, while all 50 states have at least a dusting of snow on the ground today, some of the Olympic sites are not covered in enough of the white stuff to allow for optimal competition. Truckloads of snow are being brought to Vancouver to make sure the skiers and the bobsledders don't get stuck on a patch of grass as they try to break a world record! I am sure that the officials in charge will do everything necessary to make sure that this global event occurs without a glitch.

As regular readers of my blog know, I am a passionate follower of golf. I play as often as possible and also enjoy watching the major tournaments. The sport means so much to me that all three of my published novels have a golf course at the primary setting.

My love of sports extends beyond golf, however. I am impressed by the dedication that it takes for any athlete to compete at the highest level. So, I will be tuning into the Winter Olympics starting tonight. The running joke is that Americans don't really understand some of the events that are featured at the winter games, so I look forward to learning about some skills that we do not see very often on our televisions in this country. Is there another time that you can watch curling, the luge, and ski jumping?

As a quick side note, I heard on the radio today that many of the athletes will be posting regular updates on Twitter as they prepare for their events. This will be a first for the Olympics, as Twitter has developed its huge following since the last Olympics were held in Beijing a year and a half ago. Is this too much, or do you like the idea of being able to get constant streams of information from our athletes?

Prior to posting this article a tragic accident occurred during a training session on the luge course. An Olympic competitor from the former USSR republic of Georgia was killed after flying over the wall at a speed estimated at over ninety-three miles per hour. Is the Olympic Federation pushing the envelope too far? Your thoughts?

Will you be watching the Winter Olympics? Which events are of the greatest interest to you?


LeisaHammett said...

I'm watching.

Golf Instruction Guy said...

Being a resident of British Columbia I have been pretty disappointed with all the costs involved in running these games as we are picking up the bill. However, I got goosebumps watching the Men's Moguls and Alexandre Bilodeau take home Canada's first Gold Medal on Canadian soil.

I forgot what it was like to fall for the athletes and their stories. Just getting to the games and how it's so easy to feel joy for them when they achieve their goals.