Sunday, October 4, 2009

Getting the Word Out About My Novels

This summer could not have been more pleasant. We enjoyed resort-type weather in the St. Louis area for June, July, August and September. The moderate temperatures were ideal for golf. As the warm summer weather starts to fade and the crisp autumn air takes its place, my daily priorities are starting to shift a bit. Work on the blog has increased and the marketing efforts have increased on the social networks that inundate the internet. With my three published novels now on the market for nearly a year and a fourth installment underway, the stories from Prairie Winds Golf Course keep coming. The constructive feedback, encouraging comments and positive reinforcement have energized me to continue the series.

So many of you have been kind enough to contact me and let me know how much you enjoyed my books—Lifetime Loser, Finish Line, and Tuey’s Course. Golf aficionados have contacted me to comment about the entertaining stories from a golf setting. Women that have never played golf seem to enjoy the stories as much as men. Wives of a golfing spouse have told me how they liked reading about the relationships that are detailed in my books. Even those people that have never spent time in a golf cart or on a course have indicated how much they enjoyed the eclectic cast of characters and storylines.

If you have read one or more of my books and you enjoyed my work, would you please pass your thoughts onto others? I truly would appreciate it if you would post some thoughts at the book’s page on the Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble websites. All posted reviews really do matter. Readers and word of mouth seem to attract other readers.

Feel free to contact me from my web site. It’s always fun to hear directly from readers and fans. One of the greatest joys is meeting new people and forming some relationships that will last for a long time. Your input, ideas and comments are valued. You never know when one of those suggestions might make its way into a subplot. Please email me and share your thoughts!

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