Sunday, April 5, 2015

FREE Kindle #eBook - Round Two (April 6-7)

Any author that has tried to sell a book will probably admit that marketing a book is a lot tougher than putting forth the effort to write and publish a book. On my most recent release - Shari's Shot - I jumped onto the Kindle KDP Select promotional train with a very detailed and thorough effort.

Authors that participate get 5 free days to give away their eBook product. I scheduled those days over a six week period and so far my experience has been nothing short of amazing. On the first 2 days Shari's Shot seemed to go viral. It went from obscurity (being one of a million books) and rose into the Top 500 eBooks that have been downloaded on Kindle.

We've fallen off a bit since that lofty status, but hope to soar again up the list when Stage 2 of the free giveaway takes place on April 6-7. My hope is that mystery readers, St. Louisans, and golf crazy fans at The Masters find this to be an attractive read.

Oh. The plot? After filing for divorce chaos surrounds Shari Daniels-Donnelly. Threatening texts, confessions, jail time, arrests, and a liaison with a US Congresswoman add to the twists and turns. When a body turns up in a carpool parking lot two detectives are determined to find out who was responsible.

Early reviews have been outstanding! Go to Kindle April 6-7 for a free download.

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