Monday, November 19, 2012

Moving Skyward in #Book Rankings

One way an author can promote one of his book titles is to encourage many potential readers to buy the book on the same day.

The increase in daily sales shows a steep spike in online activity and this anomaly does not go unnoticed. If I suddenly have hundreds of people purchase a book through Amazon on the same day, that revenue will be recongized by the online giant. My book may find itself on the "Bestsellers" list for that week.  And, with the title now highlighted, additional sales are likely to be the result.

We have a promotion coming up in a few weeks that hopes to accomplish the very effect I just stated. The date is December 12, 2012, or in terms that make the day very easy to remember -- 12/12/12. We are trying to get as many people as possible to buy Pabby’s Score from Amazon on this very unique Wednesday.

In this novel, two special needs teenagers take part in a program at Prairie Winds Golf Course that introduces them to the maintenance of the course and helps them to develop both practical and interpersonal skills. What happens when they break away from their sheltered existence and enter mainstream society? The answer that unfolds is one that is not intended to keep the readers comfortable.

Please mark your calendars. Spread the word to fellow readers. E-mail this article to friends, acquaintances and book lovers. Direct everyone to 12/12/12 with instructions to buy a copy of Pabby’s Score from Amazon.

This is the fifth in the Prairie Winds Golf Course series and is published by Nightengale Press. I hope to see you participate on the second Wednesday in December this year. Thank you!


Gerry Wendel said...

Interesting strategy! Please keep us posted on the success!

Mike Bove said...

Good luck with this promo. I am
interested in seeing your results.
Will be there on 12/12/12.
My golf book, "Willowtree", will be
free through KDP Select on 12/13
thru 15. Another strategy that has worked.