Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tim Tebow Would Make a Wonderful Literary Character

I realize that I'm not exactly the first writer to share my take on the Tim Tebow phenomenon that is sweeping the nation, but I think I bring a unique perspective to the conversation -- I wish I had thought of him as a character for my books!

For those not familiar with Tebow, he is the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos who was a mid-season replacement for the struggling Kyle Orton.  Since taking over behind center, Tebow has led his team through mulitple comeback victories that would have seemed unlikely individually, but have become an outright sensation after occurring week after week.  He performs without any amazing skill for the first 50 minutes of the game, and then seems to turn on the magic

Some have wondered if God has His hand in the games, as Tebow is outspoken about his Christian faith, always thanking God after games and kneeling on the sidelines.  Others just think he is the type of quarterback who only has a few good drives in him a game.  And, there are those who simply blame the opposing teams for bad play. 

Whatever the case may be, Tebow is a fascinating person.  And, all of the news stories have me thinking about how Tim Tebow would be a great character for my novels.  I often pull inspiration from sports in general, not just golf, to explain the drive and the passion of the men and women I share on my pages.  How great would a professional athlete whose play may be inspired by God and who causes millions of people to discuss issues of faith and tenacity and dedication be in a novel?  I love the fact that the controversial issues I put front and center in all of my novels probably lead my readers into some heated discussions after they close my book, and I know that a "Tebow-like" character would have such an effect.

Have you been following the Tim Tebow story?  What do you think of his unlikely success and both the adoration and criticism that he has been receiving from both the fans and the media? 

James Ross
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Janet Vanderhoof said...

Yes, I can see the potential. Great idea!

Kelly Stone Gamble said...

First I have to say that I have been a Broncos fan for more years than I can remember, so of course I love Tim Tebow. My take on his story, however is this: there are a lot of Christian players in the NFL who kneel, thank God and openly voice their faith. I think the media has been a driving force in bringing Tebow's prayers to the forefront. However, I do love your idea for a character in a novel!

A Maui Blog said...

Love his story, and I agree with you he would be a great character in a story :)

Anonymous said...

Haven't been following his story, but he has every right to display his beliefs as he chooses. No doubt he inspires many however, at the expense of annoying a few. That would come with almost any subject matter.

And yes, he provides great inspiration for a character in a novel!