Friday, November 11, 2011

And the 2011 World Series Winner is . . .

Let me say this about that headline. Both teams won. There were no losers in the 2011 World Series between the Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals.

What? No Losers?

That’s right. One of them – the St. Louis Cardinals – holds the trophy, but #MLB (Major League Baseball) and baseball fans worldwide won.

The games were played outside the media hubs but the TV ratings soared nationwide. The Rangers were looking for their first ever world championship. They were pitted against the Cardinals who were looking for their 11th world title. Each game was competitive, exciting and gave viewers a taste of everything that the game of baseball provides.

What more could a fan ask for?

At times there was great pitching as well as timely home runs. There were errors at inopportune times and shoddy base running. Those gaffes were followed by defensive gems, clutch hitting and heroic moments. We saw pitching duels, managerial maneuvers, come-from-behind wins, World Series records and an extra inning thriller.

At any rate, congratulations go out to the Cardinals for a never-say-die spirit.

One thing that I did was post some guest blogs on the Blogger News Network. That is a different blogging strategy, using comments from the characters in my books. Take a look at these World Series articles from the 2011 World Series between St. Louis and Texas. A first-ever unique match up; an Albert Pujols night to remember; and the pivotal game six.

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Anonymous said...

Nat's winning 3-0 game 5 but never count cards out,ever!