Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Music and Writing

One of the most important factors in my writing has been the influence of music in my creative mood. When I surround my environment with great artistic expression coming through my speakers, it encourages my work as well.

When the first story came to me, the people in my inner circle suggested that I continue with writing but to stay in the same setting and have reoccurring characters. They said that it would help the reader get more involved.  Since, my idea focused on people who hang out at a golf course, my devotion to this idea would not be too difficult.  And, I have found that staying with the same concept has allowed me to quickly get into the minds of my characters. I'm returning to old friends every time.  After penning five novels it’s almost like throwing a light switch now. But it probably wouldn’t be as easy without the influence of music.

As any writer knows, whether consciously or subconsciously, when you’re working on a story the plot and characters occupy your mind constantly. The actions and conversations and ideas come to an author at every conceivable time. At least for me, those are noted right when they happen. However when it comes time to put it down on paper the mind needs to be freed up.

Thank goodness I discovered Not only do I get an opportunity to tweet links to songs to my friends on Twitter but I get to listen to what I’d like to hear. After accumulating an extensive playlist I can now find hours of tunes that fit my mood and fuel my creativeness.

If you’re a writer and feel the same then join me there as golfnovels or AuthorJamesRoss. Hopefully some of the songs I like will find their way to your inner self.

What are some songs or pieces of music that get your creative juices going?


Anonymous said...

I'm a poet, and my taste runs toward popular music, which runs the gamut from rock to rap. I use music to fuel me during down times when I'm not writing. It inspires me to try to be as effective in evoking emotion as the music is.

william manson said...

hey mate, fabulous blog, I love Golf, watch it all the time, will be back again soon :)