Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Online Dating Has a Presence in My New Book

My upcoming release, Pabby's Score, will feature many of the characters you have come to know from my other published works but also offers some new story lines that I hope will start some interesting discussions among readers.  One popular relationship trend that becomes a point of interest in Pabby's Score is that of online dating.  As one of the popular matchmaking websites notes in its television commercials, twenty percent of all relationships now start as a result of some kind of internet service.

I imagine there are some people reading this blog post who are currently dating someone they discovered after placing a profile on one of the many dating sites available today.  I am not at all surprised now when a friend tells me he was at a wedding the previous weekend and the happy couple met through their computers.  I've heard that story more than a few times now.

There are several reasons to turn to online dating in an attempt to find anything from a casual encounter to a spouse.  Maybe you devote many hours to your profession and the spare time just isn't there for hanging out at the places that eligible singles tend to go.  It could be that you are shy and sharing a bit about yourself through a website is less intimidating than walking up to a stranger and starting a conversation.  Or, it could be that you've tried the traditional dating practices for years and you are ready to do something different.

For the people you know who primarily date through these sites, or maybe even concerning yourself, what was the reason for joining? 

There are genuine safety concerns when meeting a date in person for the first time.  What's a great first date location that is public and doesn't keep someone stuck in a painful situation for hours?


Lynn Hallbrooks said...

I'm just now seeing this post. I would like to mention a book by one of my author friends. It is called "Next Time Lucky: Confessions of a Dating Guru." I haven't had the opportunity to read the book but have heard her talk about it. It is similar to what you were talking about in this post.

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