Monday, August 2, 2010

Meet Tuey and Feel His Frustration!

It is not difficult to turn on the television news these days and find someone who is mad at the government. The Tea Party movement that has been building over the past year is one powerful example of citizens who are fighting back against their elected officials. The antiwar marches that were common during the Bush administration also are well-documented efforts of our citizens to share their displeasure at certain policies that have such a profound effect on our country. But, what about frustration displayed on a smaller scale? I am sure that many of you have written angry letters to your representative on the city council or grumbled over the latest decision by your mayor. Let me introduce you to WeWildapheet Ulisees O’Tweety, a man who has done the same.

WeWildapheet, known to most as "Tuey," is a man without much money to his name but who is determined to make an honest living. However, Tuey is facing corrupt elected officials in his town who seem to have a relentless desire to make his life miserable. Local ordinances that could easily be ignored are strictly enforced and, in other instances, violations against code are simply invented for the purpose of bothering this one man.

While out in the greater community, Tuey faces the prejudice that his socioeconomic status and dark skin unfortunately so often bring. It eventually all becomes too much to bear. Tuey tries everything possible to have his voice heard, with the ultimate result being a moment that the town will not soon forget.

Have you experienced a moment of complete frustration or anger at elected officials, whether they be at the federal, state, or local level? What did you find to be your best way to make your feelings known, if you did at all?

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