Monday, July 26, 2010

Meet J. W. (J Dub) Schroeder

Have you ever had to reorient the direction of your life when you realize the dream that had been the focus of all of your efforts will never come true? Maybe you always wanted a large family with the man of your dreams but a tragic car accident takes his life one month after the wedding. You have been going on auditions for seven years and you have come no closer to an Academy Award than a thirty-second spot for deodorant. In my series of novels that take place at Prairie Winds Golf Course, readers will meet a character named J. W. Schroeder who is facing the death of one life goal and striving to become satisfied with another.

J. W., known to most as J Dub, had worked for years towards his dream of being a member of the PGA Tour. When he falls short of the needed score by one poorly executed shot during the opening scenes of Lifetime Loser, J Dub must face his professional future without a golf club in his hand. Lured to Illinois by a businessman with shady intentions, J Dub begins his tenure as manager at the Prairie Winds Golf Course.

Perhaps it is difficult for J Dub to spend every day in an environment that reminds him of his failed efforts to play his beloved sport for a living, especially when he discovers that he is being used for illegal endeavors. But, he teaches all of us that a positive attitude and strong values will go a long way in making the most of any situation.

Can anyone relate with J Dub, as he tries to make the best of a situation that did not match his desires and for which he did not plan? What advice would you offer others who find their life shifted in a new direction that will alter their long-term goals?

You'll have to pick up my latest, Opur's Blade, to see what J Dub does to fulfill a shattered dream.


Lynn Hallbrooks said...

I'm sure it isn't unusual for a person my age to have a career change. It is unusual for them to make a giant leap of faith and fall flat on their face...get up and continue on despite the feeling of failure.

Just reading our blog, you understand the changes that I personally have been through this past year. Of course it affects the business side of things. I'm still here and working hard to figure out the right balance to family life and business life.

I'm not sure if that's exactly what you mean but that's the story I have to offer you.

Anonymous said...

I love the theme of this post, James. Most of us have had to surrender lifelong dreams for many reasons. But the silver lining is that in surrendering one thing, you open the way to receive something in it's place. Nature abhors a vacuum as they say, and where you have lost one cherished desire, another will rush in to fill up hopefully. I do like the premise of J Dub's tenure at PW GC. Makes for tension in the character right up front. Nice!