Friday, June 18, 2010

There's a Soccer Tournament Going On?

What is arguably the biggest sporting event in the entire world is taking place right now in South Africa. Have you even noticed? The World Cup, the global soccer (or, more appropriately, "football") tournament is underway, allowing nations bragging rights that come only once every four years and it seems as if most of our country is yawning. After all, the Lakers just won the NBA Championship in an exciting Game Seven and it is likely that your favorite college football team is holding summer practice as you read this post.

Don't get me wrong. There are a good number of Americans who are cheering on our country's team with passion. And, the United States is performing well on the world stage, having finished their first two matches in ties. But, for some reason, the World Cup does not bring us to a standstill for several weeks as it does in almost every other country across the world.

As mentioned on this blog before, my respect for outstanding athletes in any sport is unquestionable. And, there is no denying that soccer players are among the most physically fit people in the world. So, count me among those rooting with pride for our team as we move forward in the tournament!

The novels that I have written and published revolve around my passion for golf. The characters my readers meet spend their time at the Prairie Winds Golf Course and we learn their life stories while they relax on the green or in the clubhouse. But, the successes, challenges, and heartbreaks that those in Lifetime Loser, Finish Line, and Tuey's Course experience could just as easily be told with the backdrop of a soccer field. There are commonalities among all of us that extend beyond our hobbies, our jobs, and even which team we choose to root for in the World Cup.

So, back to an earlier point in this post. Why do so many of us not follow the World Cup? Soccer is one of the top recreational sports for our kids, but the passion gets lost somewhere along the way. Any thoughts on what separates us in this regard from the rest of the world?

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