Thursday, March 25, 2010

Who's Your Favorite Underdog?

In my upcoming release, Opur's Blade, I will be offering my story that offers the same underdog inspiration that Sylvester Stallone provided through his Rocky character. And, of course, readers also will have the chance to catch up with all of the regulars at Prairie Winds Golf Course as well. I am really excited for its release, and I hope that you will enjoy this novel as much as my first three books. I look forward to your honest reviews!

Opur's Blade has plenty of company in telling the underdog story, beyond just the Rocky comparison I already provided. In a way I even feel like an underdog. The release of Opur's Blade will be through Nightingale Press, my first through a large publisher.

As we watch the Sweet Sixteen teams now beginning their round of play as part of March Madness, how many of us are secretly or loudly cheering for the teams from Cornell or Northern Iowa to continue their magical runs?

We are all familar with a quiet middle-aged woman from Scotland who took to a stage last year to snickers and perhaps some looks of pity, but who convinced an entire world she could sing within 24 hours of a circulated YouTube video. I'm referring to Susan Boyle, of course.

What about Forrest Gump? Here was a boy who required leg braces and struggled with some mental challenges and who inadvertently played a part in many of our country's major events of the last part of the 20th century. He even got the girl. Weren't we all cheering for him to succeed and teach all of us his practical life lessons? (Yes, I know he's fictional, but no one has thought about a box of chocolates in the same way since that movie's release.)

I would like to know who some of your favorite underdogs are. Whose story have you found inspirational? Has this person impacted some of the decisions or behaviors in your own life?

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