Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What’s a Good Career Move for an Alcoholic, Womanizing Pilot?

There are great pilots who transport us safely to our intended destination even under the most challenging circumstances. A perfect example is Captain Chelsey “Sully” Sullenberger, the pilot for US Airways who famously landed a plane bound for Charlotte in the Hudson River after its engines had an encounter with a flock of geese and saved the lives of all 155 passengers onboard. Then, there is Captain Jer.

After I finished Lifetime Loser I wanted to integrate a few more regulars into the mix inside the clubhouse. Captain Jer is a character that I introduced to readers in Finish Line. His role continued in Tuey’s Course. He is a retired pilot who needs a case of beer just to get through the first nine holes of a golf course and whose attitude towards women is less than respectful. I wouldn’t trust him to land on a dry, expansive runway in the middle of Kansas, let alone a body of water next to Manhattan.

So, what’s a womanizing, alcoholic ex-pilot to do besides harass the females at Prairie Winds Golf Course and offer his tips for curing a hangover? Here are a few thoughts:

· Star in a reality show called “Half-Cocked Captain” in which he drinks excessively and then tries to win over women with the charm of his uniform

· Become a judge at beauty pageants and ask inappropriate questions that leave the contestants flustered

· Try the approach from the movie Old School and start a fraternity for middle-aged guys who haven’t matured past the behavior of their days in college

I think all three of these career moves have potential!

If you haven’t already, I ask that you read one or more of my books and then determine your own professional fate for Captain Jer. With all of his obvious flaws, he is a memorable character who will make himself known wherever he decides to go.

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