Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ever Imagine Yourself Sliding on the Green Jacket?

Every sport has its coveted symbol that the victor can hoist above his head at that shining moment of glory when no one can claim to be the champion. Just recently, the members of the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team were able to place their hands on the Stanley Cup following their stunning defeat of the Detroit Red Wings. Being a particularly good sports year for the Steel City, the Pittsburgh Steelers are currently in possession of the National Football League’s Lombardi Trophy. This weekend, one of the Williams’ sisters will supply the obligatory kiss to the dish that displays the female winner of Wimbledon. Every kid who has thrown a ball in the backyard or sprinted down the street just a little bit faster than the day before has dreamed of the day when one of those trophies would belong to them.

Golf has its own series of prized objects that it bestows upon tournament winners, the most famous being the green jacket that is proudly placed on the winner of the Masters every spring. For most professional golfers on the circuit, earning the opportunity to wear the jacket that is steeped in history is the ultimate dream. Even those of us who must live in that world vicariously through our television screens wait for that special moment almost as much as we anticipate a playoff on the last hole.

I have incorporated the excitement that surrounds the Masters’ green jacket into my upcoming book Opur’s Blade. The winner of my fictional tournament known as the Classic receives the coveted fedora. While the fedora may never have been worn by Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus, it means just as much to the golfers that my readers will come to know better in this new book.
I look forward to sharing Opur’s Blade with you later this week. In the meantime, I hope you will read my three published books if you have yet to do so—Lifetime Loser, Finish Line, and Tuey’s Course. I believe that Opur’s Blade will prove to be a great continuation of the stories taking place on Prairie Winds Golf Course.

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