Monday, February 16, 2009

Use of St. Louis as a Backdrop for My Novels

I am pleased to announce that I recently had an article published through several online directories which details why I incorporate my hometown into the novels that I write. I grew up in St. Louis and call it my home to this day. I am proud that my three books have featured both St. Louis and my passion for golf. It means a lot to me to be able to showcase this wonderful Midwestern city, as St. Louis has shaped my values and my interest in writing.

Here is an excerpt from the recently-published piece:

In St. Louis, the corporate folks have blended with the people of the land...those who make their living from agricultural pursuits. Shirts and ties mix well with jeans and boots. And, almost everyone comes together to root for the city's sports icons. Nationally recognized broadcasters, politically connected bluebloods, and scholastic geniuses have all called St. Louis their home.

Because of its proximity to the center of the country, almost everyone who has flown in a plane has had a layover in the heartland of America. Even during this briefest of visits, exposure to any personality from the "city slicker" to the "country bumpkin" is certainly possible. Regardless of who you meet in St. Louis, you can rest assured that the greeting will be warm and friendly.

Please check out the entire article, “The City of St. Louis Provides Perfect Literary Backdrop,” and share with me any reaction you may have. If you are from St. Louis, I would love to hear your memories and thoughts on our shared city. You can reach me directly at

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