Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Former Rep. Eric Massa and Rahm Emanuel Would Find a Home at Prairie Winds

In all three of my published novels--Lifetime Loser, Finish Line, and Tuey's Course--I use my characters to offer commentary on many social and political issues that find their way onto the headlines of our newspapers. Corrupt politicians and backroom dealings are two themes that you will find running throughout my books, and you don't have to search long to find real-life occurrences that mirror the episodes I create. This week's shocking interview with Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY) regarding his thoughts on why he is being forced out of Congress provide a perfect example.

Rep. Massa was facing an ethics investigation in light of some sexually charged remarks he made while at the wedding of a staffer. He believes the leadership in the House is coming after him because he was not planning to vote for the health care reform bill. On his weekly radio show, Rep. Massa went on to accuse Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel of storming up to him in the Congressional gym completely naked and threatening him to support the President's bill. These allegations, as well as Massa's other heated remarks aimed at Emanuel, have been the hot topic of conversation on talk shows across the country over the past couple of days.

As I read this story of supposed threats and intimidation, as well as admitted sexual indiscretions, on the part of our elected officials, I immediately could imagine this story being retold in the clubhouse at Prairie Winds Golf Course. The personalities in my novels would have a field day if Rep. Massa was a regular who sat down to share that story before heading out to play his Saturday morning round of golf!

What impact do stories such as this one have on your opinion of our leaders in Washington? Are you surprised when revelations such as the ones shared by Rep. Massa are made public, or do you just shrug it off as typical behavior for politicians?


Schall Adams said...

I wouldn't say that I just shrug it off - but I do believe it is common behavior. Especially in a place like Washington where there is so much influence and will being forced upon others. It is unfortunate but hearing reports of this nature are not shocking because they are too common and it tends to de-sensitize us to the very real offenses.

That was my answer to your questions. This is my living response to what goes on the world: I focus my attention on what is right and put my energy there. I am a forever optimist....

Penny Ehrenkranz said...

James, it looks as though you tackle some hard topics in your writing. I'm curious how much research you do and how long it takes you to craft one of your non-fiction books.

Nancy Kelly Allen said...

I think for the most part, I'm immuned to being shocked by anything reported in the news. Truth is stranger than fiction, but these eyebrow-raising headlines make good fodder for writiers.

Linda Ballou said...

I am so disgusted with our elected officials that I can barely watch the news. The corruption on Wall Street is only surpassed by the spineless, deceitful behavior of politicians who say there are there to serve....when they are really there to help themselves to gifts from the aristocracy of corporations that rule the world we live in.
As, I am not qualified to write knowledgabley on this subject, and basically disappointed and angered by the failure of our democratic system,I will stop now.

Tom said...

I love your thinking! Life around us gives fodder for our writings. There are more plots for the loo-see than we imagine. Go for it!