Saturday, November 30, 2013

Books on Kindle's December Countdown

      My apologies for the lack of input on this blog, but sometimes LIFE JUST GETS IN THE WAY. The golf season was active, screenplay efforts took center stage, my beloved STL Cardinals had a fabulous run to the World Series and Mizzou football has survived many challenges to face Auburn in the SEC title game.

          To increase exposure and try to take advantage of holiday sales 3 of my character-based novels are registered with Kindle’s KDP Select Countdown Deals program during the month of December. It should be interesting to see if Amazon’s support and marketing achieves success with my titles. You can bet I’ll be monitoring the traffic and sales leading up to the Christmas holiday.

          During the first week Lifetime Loser will be featured. White-collar crime and fraud are responsible for the theft of a golf course from a widow’s estate. The setting is Prairie Winds Golf Course on the east side of St. Louis.

          The second week of December will feature Opur’s Blade. A child prodigy from modest means battles through family strife, a future without aim and a sudden love interest to reach the pinnacle of golf’s grandest stage. Read the twists and turns as the story weaves its’ way to a dramatic and unpredictable ending.

          In the third week of December we will be featuring my latest – Pabby’s Score. Two special needs children wind up at Prairie Winds through a teen orientation program. The story utilizes newer communication methods like instant messaging and texting. A familiar topic of mine comes into play – social injustice at the hands of corrupt lawyers and a dishonest legal system.

          Visit Amazon and give my Kindle eBooks a try. They will be offered at discounted prices.

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