Wednesday, December 5, 2012

#12/21/12 is Almost Here!

The end of the world is coming!!  We've been hearing the predictions about the approaching apocalypse for quite a while, but now it is merely days away! 

There is a not-so-insignificant number of people who believe that the Mayans, more than 5000 years ago, predicted that the end of the world will take place on December 21, 2012.  Some say the Mayan calendar ends on this date . . . there are no more days to be had.  And, with much evidence to show that the Mayans had amazing insight concerning technology, astronomy, and physics, why not believe them?

The truth is that 12/21/12 does end a "long count period" for the Mayans, which is a linear count of days that just happens to have lasted for five millenia.  But, when this period ends, the cycle will continue and the counting will begin again.  NASA and other scientific organizations have assured the public that the sun will rise and life will continue on 12/22/12.

Just in case, though, why not buy a great book ahead of a possible doomsday?  Immerse yourself in a story of intrigue, corruption, and sex to avoid thinking about a meteor crashing into Texas or the grand armies of the world converging into a final battle of nuclear holocaust. 

On 12/12/12 . . . beating the end of the world by nine days! . . . I am having an Amazon Blitz for my newest release, Pabby's Score.  I am asking everyone who can to purchase my book through Amazon on this date, with the intention of showing a spike in sales and therefore getting a higher ranking and visibility on the popular site. 

Mark your calendars for 12/12/12 to buy Pabby's Score and then, whether or not the world actually ends, choose something to cross off your bucket list before 12/21/12 and celebrate life!

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