Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Letter "J" Offers the Cornerstones of Prairie Winds

Those that are familiar with my books realize that the clubhouse at Prairie Winds Golf Course is where the regulars congregate, and the owner/operator of the facility is a main character who offers a thread through all five novels.  J. W. Schroeder, nicknamed J Dub, is the head golf professional who oversees the daily activities and keeps everyone in line. The men and women who call Prairie Winds their second home all seem to have complicated lives and J Dub seems to be in the middle of all the action.

In Lifetime Loser, J Dub's story unfolds and we learn the heartbreak he experienced in coming so close to his own professional dreams. His strength and determination to forge ahead are on full display.  Finish Line demonstrates his compassion as his brother Curt is stricken with cancer. In Tuey’s Course, J Dub tries to be helpful to a minority businessman who is harassed and ridiculed by the powers-that-be at City Hall. Opur’s Blade enables him to tutor a young prodigy and help guide him to the top of his profession. In my last novel, Pabby’s Score, J Dub is touched by two special needs teens. He helps them acclimate to broader society by allowing them complete access to the golf course from their foster home environment.

As we all know the main character in any book or movie plot needs to have a right-hand man. In this case the “man” is actually a gal named Julie. Between her bookkeeping chores and high-profile counter duty, Julie is as much of a fixture at Prairie Winds as the head golf pro. She’s a favorite of the guys, with her quick wit and ability to go head-to-head with the antics of the male golfers.  I've really enjoyed writing for this strong female character and watching her develop her confidence and find direction in her life through the pages of my books.

So, as you can tell, "J" is quite the pivotal letter in my writing.  J Dub and Julie are two of the few characters you will find in all of my work and I can't imagine Prairie Winds without them!

What is your favorite duo, either on screen or in literature?

James Ross
Author of Lifetime Loser, Finish Line, Tuey's Course, Opur's Blade, and Pabby's Score
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Gerry Wendel said...

So the right hand man is a "J" too? Cool