Saturday, April 7, 2012

Golf Takes Center Stage in All of My Writing

Making her debut in Tuey’s Course is Ginny Slater. She is a young FBI agent who catches the attention of Curt Schroeder when the government holds a charity fund raiser at Prairie Winds Golf Course. Her athletic body, brains and quiet confidence are appealing and, for a period of time, it seems that she may become a wonderful partner for Curt. But, the relationship stalls before it ever has much of a chance.  At least she provides a nice diversion for a while from the regulars at the club house!

Ginny returns for brief appearance in my next novel, Opur’s Blade. Honestly, I don’t know what the future holds for this character. If the GRS killer who floats throughout my work remains on the loose, then Ginny Slater will become more involved, as she heads the task force investigating the serial killer.  Only time and where my characters take me as I sit at my computer screen will tell.

When it comes to the letter "G," though, the most important character in all of my books is the game of golf.  While you don't have to be a fan of the sport in order to read my work, it certainly is one of my passions.  There is not much better in life than walking onto the greens just after dawn, with that crisp morning air and beauty of the landscape surrounding you.

And, the game of golf is often one over which political and business deals are brokered, making for great book material.  How many presidents do we see playing golf regularly?  I can guarantee that a golf outing is planned for nearly every corporate retreat.  A deal that is reached through a handshake on the 14th hole is one that is as solid as it gets.

Are you a fan of golf?  (If so, you may be watching the Masters this weekend instead of reading this blog.)  What are your thoughts about the sociology and the politics of the game?

James Ross
Author of Lifetime Loser, Finish Line, Tuey's Course, Opur's Blade, and Pabby's Score
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Lynda Coker said...

LOL, Me, Golf! You've got to be kidding... Actually, I always secretly wanted to learn but just never had the chance. Loved this post. Best of success with your writing.
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