Sunday, May 3, 2009

Government Can Drive People to the Point of Frustration or Even Violence

Several months ago, I published an article in several high-profile directories that highlighted some of the ridiculous laws that are passed in our city halls every year. I decided to write about that topic due to the content of my third novel, Tuey’s Course. In this book, the title character becomes increasingly frustrated with what he sees as an oppressive local government that is out to ruin his professional standing and even his life. While some of his anger at the elected officials in his town may have been justified, the drastic actions Tuey eventually took were beyond all realm of normal recourse. However, when you take a look at some of silly ways in which our government chooses to involve itself in our lives, some level of irritation should be considered quite normal.
Did you know that in Tennessee it is illegal to shoot any game other any whales from your moving car? I’m sure that whales often make themselves available to driving motorists in the Volunteer State.

How about this? It is illegal to raise chickens in bottles in New Jersey. And I thought the tight quarters of those coops seemed a bit unpleasant for the popular fowl.

Finally, in my home state of Missouri, the fine residents of St. Louis are not allowed to sit on the curb and drink beer from a bucket. I am sure that this restriction has put a damper on many a Friday night. At least Mason jars and keg spigots seem to pass the test.

I realize that many of these laws are antiquated and no one has simply bothered to introduce motions to remove them from the books. However, even if they are not really enforced, these laws are still an amusing insight into the topics over which our politicians have argued at some point in a city or state’s history. I imagine that you know of some laws in the place where you live that you find either ridiculous or downright infuriating. I would love to hear from you and perhaps share your examples on this blog.

I hope you will read Tuey’s Course and read about one man’s experience with local government that had life-altering consequences for more people than Tuey could have imagined.

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