Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Golf vs Cancer?

It seems that every day, a report from the New England Journal of Medicine is reporting a different discovery with regard to cancer. Whether to eat certain foods to types of exercise that can help or alleviate the disease altogether.
While scientists strive to keep coming up with various data that may cure cancer forever, one hypothesis is usually overlooked. The power of mind over matter. Have you ever known a person afflicted with cancer beat the odds that had a defeatist attitude? Me either. It reminds me of the determination and grit of “Curt” in "The Finish Line".

I liked the fact that the character, And, the book doesn’t just reveal his diagnosis and then tie up all the loose ends neatly soon after it’s mention. "Curt" showed his strength by battling this disease by rolling with all the dips, turns and expected destinations life will take you during the battle for life.

How did "Curt" get this determination? Mental toughness? From the game of golf, which is likened to the game of life. Unless you have learned the principles, studied the basics and practiced putting and swinging, you won’t really understand how this game can provide the foundation of strength over such an illness.

I’m not saying golf can cure cancer. But if you ask "Curt" in “The Finish Line,” it comes damn close.

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dearlizzie said...

In my journey back to health from cancer, I've suffered many periods of despair and defeatism. And yet, I'm in remission, healthy, happy and vital. I've been through a great deal of stress while sick, too. But I'm well.

Sometimes the body does what its going to do, While one's mind can help, the first step is being real, realizing we didn't create the cancer. Our lives do not hinge on our "negative waves" nor on our most positive ones

The pressure to Think Positive! can be an additional pressure. It's normal to feel bad when you've won the reverse lottery called cancer. Realizing you're not in control of everything and then looking for the things you should learn to take charge of (optimizing doctor visits, keeping up to date on research and clinical trials, exercising, eating well and staying hydrated, resting, enjoying life as much as possible, etc.) is a big step in maturity and ultimate healing.