Thursday, March 12, 2009

Radio and Television Interview Report - April Edition

The Masters Tournament is April 9-12
Why Do 27 Million People Find Golf So Fascinating?

James Ross has golf and writing in his blood. Ross is a 5 handicap duffer and a distant relative of Mark Twain. Like millions of golfers across the country, Ross is anticipating the first major tournament of the 2009 season: the 73rd Masters Tournament held at the pristine and hallowed grounds of the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia.

Like his literary predecessor, Ross offers social commentary on the game of golf, blurring the line between the 18 holes and life outside the greens. Besides champions, Ross examines the dark side of the game: the greed, discrimination, deceit and fraud hatched on the sunny greens of country clubs across this country.

Find out the fascination millions have with the intricacies of the game and the prominent names that have made golf a true national treasure: Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Sam Snead, Ben Hogan and Tiger Woods.

Ross discusses:
• The unusual relationship between disgraced investor Bernie Madoff’s guaranteed investment returns and his golf handicap (both 12s).
• Why Bill Clinton’s golf game upset Jack Nicklaus.
• What cheating in golf says about a business person’s professional ethics.
• Why the cost of the game caters to the affluent, not minorities.
• Why the “good-ole-boy” network at exclusive country clubs lends itself to potential crime.

This Guest Takes a Critical Swing at the Game of Golf and Sinks a Hole in One

CREDENTIALS: James Ross is a lifelong golfer and well-received author, incorporating golf into many of his novels. His golf-themed books include LIFETIME LOSER, TUEY’S COURSE and FINISH LINE.

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