Monday, March 16, 2015

A Kindle Freebie - Shari's Shot

With the early success of Shari's Shot I thought that I would try a promotional feature that is available to authors that participate in the KDP Select program offered by Amazon. The eBook concept is dismantling the bricks and mortar of yesteryear. Readers can't fight it. So, as an author I'm jumping on for the ride.

Free eBook downloads of Shari's Shot will be offered to Kindle users on March 18-19, April 6-7 as well as April 23. The book marketing business is so competitive that independent authors have to find creative ways to reach readers. Offering free books is about as revolutionary as a writer can get. The publishing industry is offering a wonderful service to readers and I'm excited to be a part of it.

Try any of the working links. They will direct you to Shari's Shot which will be offered for free on the above mentioned dates.

Oh, the story? After filing for divorce chaos surrounds Shari Daniels-Donnelly. Threatening texts, a lover's triangle, jail time, confessions, and a liaison with a US Congresswoman add to the twists and turns in this story. When a body is found in a carpool parking lot a detective duo is determined to find who was responsible.

The early reviews have been outstanding!

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