Monday, November 5, 2012

Mark #12_12_12 as a Date for #Book Lovers

Pabby's Score

Numbers play a significant role in our lives -- anniversaries, birth dates, holidays, and more are marked by certain dates on our calendar. Some of us have a lucky or favorite number and even make decisions based on these affiliations.  This year we have a date that only comes around once a century and I’d like to take advantage of this quirk in the calendar. 12/12/12 is rapidly approaching.

December 12 is the second Wednesday in December this year and falls almost exactly between two of our most cherished holidays – Thanksgiving and Christmas. And, to be blunt, right in the middle of our annual shopping rush.

This year I want to market 12/12/12 as a special date for one of my books and ask that everyone mark their calendars to get a copy of Pabby’s Score from Amazon on that date. The effect of having a push for this particular novel, the fifth in my series to take place on the Prairie Winds Golf Course, to be bought on a single day will get it noticed in the way that could have long-lasting effects.  To accomplish this, I need your help.

In Pabby's Score, two teenagers with special needs become unwittingly entangled in a web of bogus lawsuits, unethical lawyers, a corrupt court, thoroughbred horse racing, savage falcons and Native American customs. Aren't you curious to learn how these distinct details work together to create a storyline?  Turn the pages, connect the dots, and a well-protected secret is revealed.

Please help to push this book to the best seller lists. Mark your calendars and spread the word to friends, relatives, e-mail lists, reading groups, book clubs and anyone else who might have an interest in my story about two kids whose time on a golf course give them an education in areas they never imagined.

Get Pabby’s Score, published by Nightengale Press, from Amazon on 12/12/12.

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Gerry Wendel said...

What a clever idea Jim! This book would make a great gift too.