Monday, March 5, 2012

Finding a Good Read

With the release of my most recent novel finally here, I've decided to try several new marketing options to promote my work.  I've shared with you my YouTube video and my efforts to get the book in the hands of those who are willing to share their review with others.  I'm also returning to an idea I've used before and hope to improve my approach this time.  I will be giving away two copies of Pabby’s Score through the popular book review website Goodreads. From now until the end of March, these free copies of my fifth release will be given away to readers who frequent that site.

I've tried this marketing tactic before with mixed results. A previous release, Opur’s Blade, was given to a reader who did not care for the story and therefore published a lukewarm review.  I'll be honest -- that made me a bit hesitant to share my work for free again.  It's disappointing to give a copy of a book to someone who does not like your writing style, characters or plot. Ouch!  Every reader is entitled to his or her own opinion, of course, and I want to hear from everyone.  But, it's not what I had hoped.

At any rate, I've rebounded and I want to give it another try.  Obviously, I hope for better feedback for Pabby’s Score, but we'll see what happens. It is a story that features two special needs children, Internet dating, insurance fraud, a sleazy law firm, and a secret society. I am excited to share that the early reviews have been very promising. We’ll see if the readers on Goodreads share those positive opinions!

Please visit Goodreads and sign up for the program. Maybe you’ll be getting a freebie copy in the mail in at the end of March!

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Pabby's Score by James Ross

Pabby's Score

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Tracee said...

Hi James,
This is Tracee with Pump Up Your Book. I have been trying to contact you but your email keeps being returned undeliverable. Can you please contact me at tgleichner(at) so I know how to contact you?


Gerry Wendel said...

Cool idea! But yeah, you don't know if people are going to like the book or not. That's a gamble. What a bummer about your previous book!