Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The PR Power of YouTube

Pabby’s Score was recently published and we tried to do some things during the pre-release stage of marketing that we had not included in publicity efforts for my previous four novels. I like to think that I am learning from each book publishing experience and becoming a more effective marketer of my own work with each new offering. The digital age presents writers with so many ways to share our products that weren't available ten or even five years ago, and the possible outlets can be overwhelming!

This new book of fiction I've created could have been available for purchase as early as the summer of 2011. But we waited . . . and waited . . . as we planned out our marketing tactics for optimal coverage.

We wanted to present to the online community an organized, promotional campaign that was cohesive and multi-pronged in its distribution. One decision we made was to include the use of video.

We all recognize the power of YouTube as a marketing method. Just ask Justin Bieber or any number of laughing babies whose parents now have a million hits on a homemade video!  These publicity pieces can be made by anyone; it is rather easy if you follow the tutorials. So, we decided to give it a try.

Our focus was to try to keep the message at a length of thirty seconds. We wanted to make our point and move in and out of the video quickly. The cuts are realistic. The writing is to the point. We slapped a little music to the screen and presto -- we made our own amateur YouTube production.

You can watch the video as embedded in this post or check out the link. If you find the video convincing, I hope you then will give Pabby's Score a try.  I'm really excited to share this fifth novel with my reading audience and I look forward to your feedback, both on my YouTube efforts and the book itself.

James Ross
Author of Lifetime Loser, Finish Line, Tuey's Course, Opur's Blade, and Pabby's Score
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Gerry Wendel said...

Bravo to you and your fine video! The book looks like a winner to me...score!