Friday, October 21, 2011

Short Jockeys and Big Winnings!

Readers of my stories are aware that I try to take the principles of golf like honesty, integrity and dedication to improvement and apply them to situations in life outside of the putting green.  But I try not to limit those lessons strictly to golf; I believe that the lessons learned from sports in general are valuable as we all go forward in life.  There are lessons in leadership and teamwork to be learned from football and soccer . . . and even horse racing.

One of the settings I’ve developed in my already published novels is Hoof and Bridle Park, which is the local thoroughbred race track. This venue will take on a role of great prominence in my upcoming 2011 release, Pabby’s Score. The regular golfers at Prairie Winds have an opportunity to take their friendships beyond the familiar clubhouse and become well-known figures at this racing establishment and their good fortune plays an integral part in the plot that unfolds.

The reader will have an opportunity to live in the bowels of the track, in the pit and under the grandstand. The bleachers will provide an open air view of the home stretch and finish line. The paddock area comes alive with the smells of the stables. I hope that readers will feel like they have been transplanted to the upscale environment in the Turf Club, where pampering is the standard.

“And down the stretch they come….”

Any horse racing fans out there?  What do you enjoy most about an afternoon at the track?  The atmosphere, the beauty of the animals, the thrill of gambling?  Let us know if you have your own connection to this sport that would help us better understand the passion and emotional investment of those involved.

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