Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meet Julie -- The Voice of Reason at Prairie Winds Golf Course

Another Julie who kept the guys in line

Many of you probably remember Julie from The Love Boat. She was the cruise director who made sure that all of the travelers had a fun and memorable time. She was that "open smile on a friendly shore!" But, Julie also played another equally important role. Julie had to keep all of her male co-workers in line when it appeared they were too disorganized to make it to the next port! What would Captain Stubing, Doc, Gopher, and Isaac the bartender have done without her?

My series of novels that revolve around golf and the life lessons discovered by the men and women who spend time at Prairie Winds Golf Course also feature a character named Julie, and she finds herself in a similar situation as her Love Boat counterpart. She runs the clubhouse at Prairie Winds, keeping track of the accounting books and providing friendly service to the players. She is well-known by the regulars, some of whom are not always gentlemanly in their conversations with her. But, deep down, everyone knows that Julie is essential in holding the operation together.

Prairie Winds Golf Course needs to appreciate her while they have her, because Julie is definitely a woman who can hold her own and who knows that her dreams will not allow her to stay in the clubhouse forever.

Have you ever held a job at which you felt like one of the only normal people surrounded by a group of eccentric characters? Did you have to bite your tongue while customers or co-workers used language or discussed topics that were not appropriate for the environment?

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Lynn Hallbrooks said...

Great job connecting the Julie equivalents.

I've worked with Doctors in my previous career...some are one way with their patients...and quite another with "staff". Then again, the ones who were pleasant all the time...really stuck out.

Have a great one!